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Hello! You can call me Mama Meeks! If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a really big fan of Miku! I'm a big fan of VOCALOID in general. I love to cosplay and collect! It's pretty much the only thing I cosplay/collect! I'm really active on Twitter. I pretty much share only VOCALOID related stuff there. I also run the mikugerms account on Instagram and Twitter! I want to share to the world just how amazing Miku is and shine light on all these talented and amazing fans. I hope you enjoy your stay if you decide to follow me!


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Where To Find Me!

YouTube - Mama Meeks
Instagram - whtupmydudes
Twitter - mikuismyqueen
MyFigureCollection - whtupmydudes
Ko-fi - whtupmydudes
Tik Tok - mamameeks39
Merch Insta - snowmeeks
Miku News Insta - mikugerms
Miku News Twitter - mikugerms

Some more info about me!

♥ I've been into VOCALOID since late 2009 - early 2010

♥ I've been to Miku Expo 2016 Dallas, Miku Expo 2018 Dallas, and I'll be at Miku Expo USA in April!

♥ I've been collecting since late 2010!

♥ I have really bad anxiety, so please be patient with me!

Some of my favorite:


☆Greenlights Serenade
☆Dappou Rock
☆The Name of the Sin
☆Trick and Treat
☆Android Girl
☆Unknown Mother Goose
☆Ghost's Play to the Audience



My Collection

My Cosplay

Art of Miku & I by @nieceychan

Concerts that I have attended:

☆ Miku Expo 2016 Dallas
☆ Miku Expo 2018 Dallas


Upcoming concerts I will attend:

☆ Magical Mirai 2021